How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Is there a manifestation of pests in your home? If you think there isn’t any type of pests to be apprehensive about, then how sure are you? Are you assertive enough that your whole home is pest-free? Maybe you are being infested by some bed pests called bed bugs? You might think you are not since you don’t show any signs of insect bites or the existence of such bugs are not noticeable; however, there are things you can’t see but actually exist. And this is where bed bugs come out of the picture. Those bed insects can’t be fluently found considering that such bugs incline to run and hide like a maven. Besides that, they attack in a stealth manner making it tough for you to become conscious of their presence. In fact, you might already be nurturing them with your blood without even knowing it. For your information, when bed bugs attack or bite you, they introduce their saliva encompassing some compounds which can sedate you so that you wouldn’t feel a thing. Ants are infuriating, roaches are unhygienic, but bed bugs are unadorned old offensive creatures. This is one of the most common reasons why countless homeowners implement precautionary actions and take steps to shoo away these bugs. But, how does one kill a bedbug?

Bed Bugs: An overview

Before you try any pest control treatment to kill these bothersome bugs, you need to be educated about them. These bugs are devious, tiny critters that feed on warm blood. They are petite insects with dark brown coloring; thus, they are normally equated to an apple seed. They generally come out at night; thus, individuals who sleep on bed bug infested bed might awaken with bite marks and severe itching. How will you know if your bed is pest-ridden? The first hint of bed bug infestation is waking up the next day with red bumps on the bare regions of your body. Bed bugs bite into your skin while you sleep then they nip your blood. You can find bed bug bites along your shoulders, arms and legs. Another sign of infestation might include blood marks on the bed sheet and brown fecal matter beneath your bed covering or along your furnishings. Adult bugs seem to be brown to copper in color. They are wingless and night-time scroungers. Human blood is what a bug desires to have. Puffed-up red blemishes develop wherever the bedbug feeds on the skin. If their population is not checked at the earliest, bugs bourgeon with terrific speediness.

What do bed bugs eat?

Bed bugs get their nutrition via feeding on blood and will feed on you or your pets when you are sleeping. Bed bugs bites resemble the other insect bites that cause itching, swelling and redness on the skin of the individual bitten. One good thing though is that the petite insects do not transfer detrimental diseases to human beings or animals; but for some folks a bed bug bite could possibly cause severe allergy symptoms that may result in Anaphylactic Shock!

Tips To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Visualize that you are sleeping on your snuggly bed and having a very soft and comfy sleep. Abruptly, in the mid of the night, you woke up by an irradiation and itch that hurts and requires to be scratched. Bugs can appear in anybody’s abode. Amid the bugs, toughest to treat are cockroaches, termites and bed bugs. The bugs are so hard-hitting to handle since they even freeze, like mosquitoes, but then can simply live again after leaving rest. Abolishing bed bugs is very challenging but it is not unmanageable. For this reason, if you have an invasion, do not dispose of expensive stuff that has been pest-ridden by these bugs. Try these remedies first before doing anything far-reaching. How to get rid of bed bugs naturally is undoubtedly a question for any individual that has to cope with these pests and do not want expose themselves or their family to the toxins in pesticides. This is not an easy query to answer, but the upshot is that it can be done, so here are some ways to get rid of these bugs naturally. You must first contemplate the available treatment options. In addition to using chemical pesticides, you can also contemplate a more natural and non-toxic methodology. You can also seek the amenities of a pest control company to help you eradicate the problem and avert them from coming back. You can also try the following tips:

  • First find them and confiscate them to a safe location. Blasting them with any type of spray like can-paint, oven cleaner and hair-spray will do the job. Just make certain that you use enough to choke them. Or find them and brush them in a vessel of boiling water.
  • If your mattress is infected, take away all the bedding, bed liners and mattress covers. Wash the things in high temperature water. After doing so, toss the items into the dryer at its highest optional setting. Avoid putting back the beddings, liners and covers on your bed until you have scrubbed your bedroom. Also, take out all the newspaper and magazines from room where bed these microorganisms hide.
  • Also, clean your abodes and bed linens with hot water. Soft toys or some stuffed animals must be vacuum-packed in plastic bags for some weeks. Vacuuming everything can also aid you in getting rid of bugs. For a clean and bug-free abode, vacuum the cushions, any furniture and the lengthy curtains. Use the gap device on your vacuum machine to vacuum the bed structure, the base panels and any other things near the bed. It is also essential to vacuum the carpets.
  • If you have other fabric-type stuffs in your bedroom, you must clean it using a vacuum using the pipe. You can then place them into the plastic bags, stamp them tightly and leave them for at least 3 days. This process will remove any remaining bed bugs. You can use this technique on soft toys, computer bags, and pillows.
  • Since these bugs like to breed in cracks and fissures, it is sagacious to seal the holes in your house which offer access or permit bed bugs to live within these gaps. Use caulking to close up fissures and openings in walls, baseboards, spaces around windows and pipes that could permit insects to get into your abode; also remember to check moldings as these tight places make impeccable nesting sites for bed bugs.
  • It is also suggested to vacuum the complete room or house. Use the vacuum hose to reach nooks and crevices. Pay close attention to any fissures, holes or gaps in the wall. Remember to seal and discard the vacuum bag when you are done.
  • Any pest-ridden bedding and clothes will need to be bagged and washed at a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or thrown away since these items cannot be treated with pesticides. Smaller items that can’t be dry-cleaned can be wrapped in black plastic and placed in a hot, sunlit location for at least some days at again a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They can also be killed by freezing but the chilling period must be upheld for at least two weeks. Trying to rid a whole house by raising or lowering the thermostat will be wholly useless.
  • Also, repair any fissures in plaster and paste down any slackened wallpaper to eliminate future nesting locations.
  • Moreover, you will need to seal the exterior of your abode, it is also crucial that you confiscate any bird or bat nest and throw away rodents that make use of your home, these small creatures can serve as host for bed bugs and in time re-infest your house. Once this is done, you are then going to have to clean each pest-ridden region of your home using a hard-bristle brush to extricate any eggs which might be attached to surfaces. Vacuum everything methodically and get rid of the vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag to evade infecting any other zones with any living bed bugs.
  • Spraying the bugs with rubbing alcohol will kill them. Wash or sprinkle each and every place with alcohol where there are bed bugs. Blow dryer can also kill bugs if used at great heat.
  • Bed bugs are tough to trace. It is better to create a mixture of alcohol and steam cleaning to absolutely kill bugs. The temperature should be about140 Fahrenheit for 4 hours. This technique is likely to take longer to kill the bugs.
  • Supreme neem oil, which is 100 percent pure wild-crafted neem oil, can also be used to terminate bed bugs. This is the most effective natural technique of killing bugs.
  • One can also try fossil shell dust which is naturally acquired from marine organism fossil. It doesn’t permit the bed bugs to reoccur. This dust once spread, straight goes into skin of bug making it to parch and die. We can also go with the alternative of traps which is entirely nontoxic and free from pesticide.
  • Steam cleaning, use of diatomaceous soil, sprinkling of Black Walnut dust are also some of the effective therapies. Sealing your mattress and beddings with zipped hypoallergenic covers is highly suggested.
  • There are several numbers of sprays available in market. Many individuals use pesticide to kill the bugs. But permethrins and pyrethrins are the common constituents for killing pesticides. It is very effective to kill the bug but simultaneously it can be harmful to human and pets. Bug Patrol is a natural insecticide to be use and is safe as well.
  • The cheapest way to escape from flea is to mix boric acid and salt and all around the infested areas. One can also keep container filled with soapy water below the lamp in night to entice more fleas. The next is one can give consistent bathe to the pets.
  • Try to substitute your old mattress with Latex mattresses, they are dust mite proof. Controlling temperature and keeping it cold is another alternative.
  • So as to get rid of mosquitoes, diminish water accumulation, apply mosquito repellants, use power sprays etc.
  • There are numerous kinds of powder available. These products are absolutely harmless to individuals and pets; they are an admirable for treatment in tough-to-reach zones for instance wall openings, electrical outlets and plumbing cavities. The powder does not kill the bed bugs straightaway like the contact spray. It scrapes the hard outer skin and causes the bugs to parch. This transpires in a short time however they can still move about until then. The worthy thing is you can spread the powder in regions that bed bugs could hide i.e. closets, crooks of rooms, behind the dressers, inside and underneath the drawers.

Have a pest-free home via natural, safe and effective approaches of pest or bed bug removal. Cleaning your bedroom in a methodical manner particularly by punctiliously brushing down bed bugs from your mattresses can modestly do the job. See to it that you can scrupulously remove the eggs to inhibit their production. Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way that you can use to kill bed bugs. As you can see, you can always throw away bed bugs in a natural way. So don’t instantaneously jump into the application of pesticides or noxious insecticides as such things would only bring upon supplementary risks to your health in addition to to the planet. Exposing your family to toxic and chemically-boosted product is the least that you would want to do if safety is a concern for you. Protect your family via the simple things that you do particularly if it concerns confiscating of pests in your home. Try all these approaches and pick out one which works best for you and soon you will have an abode free of bugs.

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