Health Benefits of Cycling 15 Minutes a Day

Are you lured to discover how you can take your health to the next level? Are you sick of talking about the advantages of health and nutritional supplements rather than just experiencing them? Cycling can be your new endeavor towards better health and improved well-being. Still not persuaded about going to the local bike shop and picking up a cycle? No worries, in this blog, I will share with you some prime advantages of cycling on a regular basis. Cycling is for everyone, from four year-old young ones to old retirees. Not only is it an admirable way to have some healthy fun, but it also has several health benefits.

Bicycling for health: Starting from the beginning

Whatever your fitness level is, cycling can be integrated into your timetable to improve your overall fitness and lifestyle. If you are not presently working out, focus on modestly making fitness a part of your life. There will be time to improve your fitness level, but don’t forget to relish the scenery along the way! So as to improve your cardiovascular fitness, consider cycling for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. After numerous weeks, you should start to feel stronger and more comfortable cycling. At this point, think about out-spreading the cycling trips to 30 minutes every day. If you upsurge the amount of exercise steadily, you will avoid injury and unwarranted discomposure. Remember, if you habitually make time in your week for fitness, the health benefits of cycling will become cheerfully apparent to you after only a short while.

Health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day

Bye-bye calories

As you perhaps know, cycling is a terrific way to work off the calories and truncate the waistline. When you cycle for protracted periods of time, the effect resembles jogging to some extent. Stable cycling can burn as much as 300 calories per hour.

Muscle tone

Although you can barely expect your arms to look any different, your legs undoubtedly will. Not only will you be losing fat, but you will also be packing on solid muscle in the quadriceps, glute and hamstring regions. Your legs will soon become conspicuously toned. Your core (lower back and abs) also get fit if you stand up while pedaling. For optimum outcomes, you can cycle in the highest gear for atleast 10 minutes.


Since the cycling motion is a constant, up-down-around motion, your knee and hip joints also get a run. The motion both greases and reinforces the joints.


There is no point repudiating it, cycling enormously improves your overall cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength competences. The heart steadily pounds at a high rate. Statistics prove that you can experience up to 7% upsurge in strength after a month of continuous cycling.


Cycling not only improves overall muscle development, but it also aids to coordinate those muscles owing to the continual motion. Particularly if you expend much time in continuous cycling in and around other machines, you can expect your body-to-eye coordination to progressively upsurge.

Stress reduction

Virtually any and every physical activity is a demonstrated stress-reliever and cycling is no exclusion. The continuous workout, the muscle fatigue, the calorie-burning all contribute to lessen overall stress levels.

Weight control

This was at the top of my list of reasons to develop a habit of cycling. Riding on a regular basis will lead to abridged body fat levels and when pooled with a healthy diet (for those who desire to lose weight), this workout can be very effective in burning calories speedily.

Better sleep

Because of the extensive physical activity you experienced during the day, you are likely to be able to expend better quality time with your pillow and bed-sheets. Scientific studies indicated that insomniacs who pedaled more than 20 minutes per day when to sleep in half the time of those who didn’t.

Diminished disease risk

Overall, you will also have excellent health, illness and disease free. This is mainly due to the fact that cycling helps heart health, so the risk of cardiovascular disease is decreased by a significant margin.

Motivation boost

Virtually any physical activity you participate in will boost your overall energy and motivation levels. Particularly when you are a fruitful cyclist, you feel more buoyant and competent attributable to the fact that you were able to cycle for lengthier periods of time than you could before starting out as a new cyclist.

Positive pastime

Rather than booze, gambling or nights at the pub, you now have a more creative hobby that you can undertake time and again without hangovers or any other negative aftermaths.

Augmented strength

As you continue to cycle habitually, you will notice that your endurances, leg strength and strength will upsurge. When you will first start riding, you could not sustain doing so for lengthy periods but overtime, improvements might take place in your physical aptitudes. In addition, you can expect to get toned legs and tauter abs.

Some useful tips

Here are some tips for bicycling to reap health benefits:

  • Refer with your doctor in advance: Always refer your doctor before you begin cycling and particularly when you are all set to change the cycling habits your follow or time duration.
  • Warm up your body: It is always a worthy practice to stretch painstakingly before and after each cycle round. This is very useful in averting injury.
  • Take care of your heart: Even if you are a knowledgeable cycler, it is a good practice to begin your ride with a laid-back speed over even ground.
  • Change your bicycle handlebars holding position: Change your holdings and shake your hands downward recurrently to get the blood flowing and to avert pain or impassiveness in your arms and hands.
  • Change your seating position: Long duration cycling ridings is quite challenging on a small saddle. It can cause discomfort and upsurge (in sporadic cases) the risk of impotence. Buy a comfortable saddle that fits appropriately.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Start cycling today!

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