Best PC gaming mode of 2021

For those who are casual gamers, Mods are more interesting than professional gamers. Casual gamers basically look for recreational games to pass the time. And with these mods, you can make any game more fun. There are different types of mods. But basically, I will differentiate the mods in two ways, 1) graphics mode, 2) other modes! In graphics modes, you will see unofficial graphics tweaks of different games and these are quite popular. In particular, we can upgrade the graphics of the old games to keep pace with the current era through all these third party modes. And other mods are the rest of the mods except the graphics category. For example, a new feature of a new game that gamers want but there is no official name can be brought into the game through third-party modes. You can do many things like add new missions to the game, add new cars, Honda, helicopters, add buildings, customize maps, customize missions, add new characters to the game, etc. through Mods.

The funny thing is that the 2012 Skyrim game has the most mods in gaming history. This means that the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game has the highest number of mods in a single game. But today Skyrim did not come to talk about the game. Today I will talk about the best gaming modes of 2020. Hopefully, these mods will give you more of a taste for playing these games. And if I get a good response from you, I will bring more posts in the future with these mods.

Skyrim (2011)

There is nothing new to say about the Skyrim game. If you want reality in the game in the GTA series, you can watch Skyrim game. However, you may not like the graphics of this 2011 game now. And there’s its huge mods community. In the video above the game uses 4K resolution textures, there are at least 10 different modes including remaked trees, grass, weather. And with all this, you will get good graphics from the next Elder Scrolls VI game in this game. Note that it is possible to come to this result using multiple modes here. So when installing multiple modes in a game, be careful not to collide with one another. And if you want to run this game in 4K resolution in this graphics, you need a powerful PC!

GTA SA (2004)

GTA has nothing to say about San Andres. This 2004 nostalgic game is the best storyline game in the GTA series. And this is the best GTA game in my own right. You will find many mods of this game on the internet. But I like this mode to adapt the game’s 2004 graphics to 2019. After installing this mode, the look of the game has changed. Note that after installing the mode, the game will no longer run in the PC configuration of 2004 (Lul). If you want to give the game over again, you can try this mode.

GTA IV (2008)

With the GTA 4 game, the GTA series enters a new era. Unfortunately, the game, which was released in 2008, has not officially received any major graphics upgrades since then. Especially to me, the graphics of the game look quite yellow! And you can use this mode to take the current graphics in the game including removing this yellow feeling. This mode has also “sized” the original disgusting Motion Blur. It is basically made with iCEnhancer, new textures and ENB settings.

Fallout 4 (2015)

You may be wondering what kind of mode this game will need again in 2015? Fallout 4 game played in Max graphics, but you know how to feel Washed Out. And that is what has adjusted this mode. And see the result! The game will feel quite alive to you now. Personally, I will not say anything about this mode because I have given game over to Fallout 4 game in very low settings!


Minecraft is the game that has been in the gaming world for almost 10 years along with Pubji and Fortnight. Purify, YouTube’s largest channel, now regularly plays Minecraft. But the fun of the game is in the gameplay, not in its graphics. There are many who have not even touched the game after seeing the pixel graphics of the game. But officially Nvidia is going to bring their RTX technology to Minecraft, which was also announced last month. But it is not clear when it will come. But a year ago in 2018, a moder was able to bring RTX effect to the game by modifying the lighting of the game a bit! Now you will find the game more wonderful.

Resident Evil 4 (2004)

Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece game in the Resident Evil series. An official HD remaster version of the game has arrived. But this third party mode really brings a different feel to the game. I will tell those who have not played the game yet to play the game and must also try this mode. A kind of nostalgic but HD feeling will come in the game.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Well! What kind of graphics mode is needed in 2019 game? Again in a Remastered game! The Resident Evil 2 game is definitely one of the best graphics games of the year. But with the Re Immersion ReShade 2.0 mode, you can highlight the original effects in the game, upgrade to Depth of Field, and get real HDR effects!

GTA 5 (2013)

Many people are waiting for GTA games to come to PC because many graphics modes of GTA games come to PC which are really dazzling! After the GTA 5 game came out in 2013, this game is still very popular among many people. And to make the game more dazzling, Ray Tracing technology has been brought through this game mode.

DOOM II (1994)

This is the first game I have ever played in my life! Released in 1994, this game ushered in a new era of FPS games. And the funny thing is that this is a 2.5D game that many people think is 3D because of its intelligent technique. And now there are several third party remakes and graphics modes of the DOOM II game. But I like it quite a lot. They have mixed the game DOOM (2016) with DOOM II! And so now you can play DOOM II game at 60FPS speed!

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