What to do When You are Jobless


You were having a good life, you used to wake up in the morning and have a good breakfast with your family, go to office, work with passion, dedication and commitment, come home, spend time with family and go to sleep.

But suddenly, now when you are jobless, you don’t have the same routine. You do not know what to do after waking up and having a breakfast. The time, 8 hours and more, which you used to spend working in office are now empty, no work to do, no office to go.

The question is, what to do now? What to do when you are unemployed, when you are jobless, when you do not have work to do?

“Intelligence is knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do”

Develop Your Skills:

Being laid off is not necessarily a bad thing, you can take advantage of it. How? Now you have free time, more free time than you ever wanted. You can do the things which are essential and important for your career, things which have the potential of increasing your potential of getting a job.

The point is, you have to constantly sharpen your saw, because if you are not updating yourself in these times, you are becoming outdated.

Volunteer when you are jobless:

Volunteering is the good way of spending your time and skills, this will help the people you are volunteering for and this will also help you.


Employers usually asks for experience, in field experience. So volunteering is a good way of achieving that experience while helping other people.

But make sure that you volunteer only in the fields in which you want a job or a career.


It is now important more than ever to make a solid presence online. Having your website is not a should but a must nowadays.

But how do you make your presence online? The first step is to have a good domain which is related to your field or your own name. Build simple pages such as “About Me”, “Home” and “Portfolio”.


Then you can build a blog of your own on that domain, in this blog you can share your knowledge, research, experiences and observations related to your field and life in general. This blog must be a professional blog, with proper writing, grammar and language.

You should also have active profile on Linkedin and other social networks where professional socialize and contribute.


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