A Guide to choose a Personal Trainer for Yourself


It is a no-brainer that doing regular exercise under the guidance of a personal trainer will help you in your fitness, especially if you just starting out. But the problem is that there are so many trainers, everyone is claiming to be the right one. So how do you choose a personal trainer for yourself?


This guide will help you to decide on choosing a personal trainer, you’ll be closer to deciding which trainer is good for you and which is not.

Below are few questions you should ask and research about before choosing a personal trainer for you.

What about the Credentials?

We buy things from the brands we trust, who have credentials in our mind. Same is for choosing a fitness trainer, actually it is more important to check for credentials in this area because it is a matter of your personality, your body.

There is an organization which is NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies). This organization makes sure that the companies or other organizations which certifies individuals as personal trainers meet a good quality standard. You can go to their listings to check out whether the name of certifying organization of the trainer you are considering is there or not.

What about their Experience?

You don’t want to coached or trained by person who himself just started out, having no experience in training and/or coaching people. You should make sure that you select an experienced trainer, not only experienced but also experienced in the type of training that you want to learn.

This will help you avoid the mistakes which beginners makes, because you will be learning under the master.

You’ll be injured:

The fact of the matter is that you’ll get injuries during your workouts and training. So you have to make sure that your trainer knows how to handle those injuries and how to set your workout and training program around them.

Prevent Injury During Exercise

This will make sure that your health is in the safe hands, which is always a good thing.

Their Knowledge and Up-to-Date-ness:

For a person to master any field, he or she have to a life-long student of that field. As with all areas, this applies on fitness and training too.


Make sure that the trainer you are considering is at the top of their field, that he or she knows the latest trends and studies. Do they contribute articles in any fitness magazine? Do they read latest researches in field of fitness? Are they humble enough to learn and keep learning?


We have provided a general guide to choose a personal trainer. You just make sure that you follow what you have learned here and from other authentic sources, then make a decision.


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