3 Cooking Mistakes Which are Making You Fat


Cooking mistakes that cause weight gain

It is not a revelation that hotels dishes are full of calories and secret ingredients. That is why meals prepared at home are a good idea for those who lookout for their mass. Attainment of control on your kitchen is a good chief step, but if you have not eaten out for many days and it is still the same, it must be time to have a neater look at the habits of your cooking. Here are some common mistakes which are making you fat.

Mistake # 1: Using More Oil than Necessary

Olive oil is among the many good fats, but excess of it can harm us. It is estimated that about one tablespoon of Olive Oil contains more than 120 calories, think of how many of tablespoons are used in an average meal.

cooking oil

It is more dangerous when using olive oil or cooking oil while cooking vegetables, because vegetables usually takes up more oil than other dishes. Vegetables also absorb oil quickly so one makes mistake using oil in them.

It is good to steam the vegetables before frying them, this way you can use less oil and be healthy.

Mistake # 2: Being Lazy and Idle

You all see the significance of portion control, but at the end of your lengthy day, wasting the period to quantify each ingredient out can seem useless time taking. Instead, you eyeball serving sizes – an exercise that could probably add hundreds of unseen calories to your vigorous food. Evade paying the price for nightly idleness by spending the time to actually study what healthy portions of fish, grains and produce look like and then cook accordingly.

Mistake # 3: Following Recipes Exactly

If you do not have the confidence in your cooking ability then it can be very tempting for you to follow the recipes exactly as they are written. But it is a probability that by not using your mind and only following the recipe, you are losing many opportunities to make your meal more healthy, tasty and delicious.


You can change the ingredients mentioned in the recipe with more healthy alternatives if they fit good in the food. Learn different recipes and the mix them together. Better yet, put your own very personal taste and preferences in the previous recipe and make a new one. You might become the next discoverer of the recipe – of your own.

The point is simple, while it is good to learn from the masters, it is always good to use your own mind too.


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